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Vertical Markets

SQUARE Pharmaceuticals Limited is the largest pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh and has been continuously in the 1st position among all national and multinational pharmaceutical companies since 1985.

SQUARE Pharmaceuticals Limited required a Time Attendance system that can cater for their 1200+ employees at the factory. Their main requirements were:

  • The system must be robust and can withstand the tough conditions in the factory.
  • Needed the system to be compatible with their existing Oracle database on server.
  • Time Attendance and Employee Hours Shifting. Each worker are required to log in/out for the shifting hours and all the data direct to their server for HR use.


ACTAtek addressed their requirements by implementing the following solutions:

  • Multiple ACTAtek Combination Models with Fingerprint, Smart Card & CMOS Camera were registered with the AMS.
  • Jakin ID terminals are “Network Ready” with TCP/IP LAN connectivity and IP Addressing for web base remote access.
  • IP65 Certified Units for resistance to harsh conditions.
  • Collection of data logs via AMS database configured with connectivity to the existing Oracle 11i Database.


With the ACTAtek all-in-one system in place, SQUARE Pharmaceuticals found the ACTAtek terminal easy to use and praised the efficient manner in which ACTAtek installed and supported them. Meeting the specifications that the factory requires such as compatibility and robustness to harsh conditions, SQUARE Pharmaceuticals was overall satisfied with the products and level of service they received.


The implementation of ACTAtek and AMS management solution for both access control and workforce management instead of two separate access control systems and time clocks saves purchasing, operational and maintenance costs for the SQUARE Pharmaceuticals Limited.




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