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Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) is a specialist bank that provides commercial banking, savings, investments, asset management services including fund and portfolio management, brokerage services, real estate financing and development all in accordance with Islamic principles of Shariah Law.

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) needed a Time Attendance system that is able to accurately record and manage employees over its many branches in Qatar.

ACTAtek catered for the Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) and provided them the following solutions:

    • Multiple Jakin ID Fingerprint and Smart Card units were deployed for each QIB branch.
    • Network ready with built in RJ-45 LAN connectivity allows multiple site installations (scalability) with unified data synchronisation that reduces administration time and unnecessary additional costs.
    • Configure the devices with designated IP Address facility for remote access and management.
    • Event logs are pooled using ACTAtek's embedded web-based technology for easy remote administration and work management.
    • ACTAtek’s web-based technology allows administrators to configure settings using a standard web browser of their chosen platform such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
    • Third party software integration allows customisable TMS software using components of the Jakin ID SOAP/API.
    • Transaction logs gathered from the ACTAtek terminals are processed by QIB TMS software to generate employee’s access,TA reports and payroll calculations when needed on demand.

The Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) was able to utilise the advanced, fully featured ACTAtek all-in-one systems across its network of branches without compromising on the key issues of quality, ease of use and affordability.

Moreover, the ACTAtek and AMS management solution for both access control and workforce management instead of two separate access control systems and time clocks save purchasing, operational and maintenance costs.


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